5 Bathroom Fixes Every Homeowner Should Consider

Try fixing your bathroom plumbing issues before calling a plumber in League City

One of the best feelings in the world when it comes to being a homeowner is being able to conquer a home maintenance job. Da da dahhh  If you want to feel that power for yourself, here are 5 bathroom fixes that are do-able and will be empowering as well as useful!

5 DIY user friendly bathroom tips

1 – Put your plunger on the job for a toilet clogTry fixing your bathroom plumbing issues before calling a plumber in League City

No one likes a toilet clog, but you don’t necessarily have to grab a bottle of Draino rather than deal with it!  Instead, get familiar with your plunger.  With the toilet bowl filled with water (add water manually if you need to), fit the plunger over the opening at the bottom of the toilet and push it in and then out a few times.  You’ll most likely hear the clog loosening.  After a few cycles, pull the plunger free and watch to see if the water drains!  If it does, clog fixed.  If it doesn’t, try it again.

2 – Get familiar with your toilet tank pieces

You’d be surprised how easy it is to fix a running toilet.  Take a look at the different parts of the toilet and know how they work.  There’s the flapper, which is the seal at the base of the tank responsible for letting water in, and the lift arm (this is what you’re moving when you flush the toilet), and the chain that connects the two of them.  Most times, a leaky toilet is fixed by adjusting the chain or replacing the flapper.

3 – See a leak?  Fix it immediately

A drop of water may not be cause for concern, but if you see a leak, it’s important to figure out where it’s coming from immediately. Not tomorrow and not next week: ASAP.  A leak can do a lot of damage in a very short amount of time. Fix it immediately (or patch it and call a plumber, not a handyman, there is a difference)!

4 – Watch for signs your fan isn’t working

Humidity build-up can cause mold problems, so watch for signs that your exhaust fan needs to be replaced or repairs: grinding or lower fan speeds, constant humidity build-up in the bathroom, etc.  Replacing or repairing a vent fan is much cheaper than having a mold specialist address an issue!

5 – Replace the gasket on your shower head or faucet

A lot of times a leaky shower head or faucet can be fixed with a new gasket!  Before you call in the pros, try replacing the gasket and see if that fixes the issue.  If you aren’t sure what to buy, bring your old one in and ask the folks at the home improvement store to help you choose a replacement.

Bonus: Know when you’re in over your head

It’s great to know that you can fix basic bathroom fixes — plus it’s nice to feel like a pro, right? — but sometimes something minor will be major, and you didn’t even know it.  If something feels out of your league, or the solutions you try don’t fix the problem, call in a Responsible Master Plumber to help you get to the bottom of it.  Fast, convenient and respectful, it’ll be the right call! Plus, when you hire Creekside Plumbing & Construction, you get that extra touch that includes superb customer service and our red carpet service.

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