5 Plumbing Tips to Avoid a Disaster This New Year


The New Year season is a time when friends and family gather to celebrate each other and the holiday season. Unfortunately, with many people in your house over the Holiday season, plumbing problems are bound to happen. A clogged sink, backed-up toilet, or drain clog are some common problems people encounter over the holidays. And, having to call an emergency plumber on the holidays is never fun! Here are 5 plumbing tips to follow this New Years’ season to avoid a plumbing disaster at your home!

1. Watch What You Flush!

It’s always good to remember that leftovers should go in the trash and not down the garbage disposal! Too often people treat their garbage disposals as their own personal wastebaskets. Putting chicken bones and grease down the garbage disposal can lead to sink clogs, and even worse, a broken disposal. If you have issues with your garbage disposal, it’s always best to have a professional plumber run some diagnostic tests before the holiday season!

2. Avoid Grease Down The Drain!

Cooking grease is inevitable on the holidays. But, always remember to sop up the grease out of your pans with paper towels first and then dispose of them in the trash! Cooking grease, when poured down the drain, can congeal and lead to unwanted drain clogs over time.

3. The Toilet Is For Toilet Paper Only!

Many times, people think they can flush anything down the toilet. Things like wet wipes and women’s hygiene products are a disaster for plumbing pipes. Flushing these types of items down your toilet will most certainly cause an issue. Be sure to warn your guests that toilets are for flushing toilet paper only!

4. Space Out The Showers

With many new people in your home, hot water is a precious commodity. Allow for at least ten minutes in between showers so you don’t put unwanted stress on your water heater. This will allow for the tank to reheat enough water that your guests will have a hot shower. Interested in learning more about Tankless Water Heaters that provide an unlimited supply of hot water? Contact us today!

5. Be Smart About the Dishwasher

When you have lots of dirty dishes after a holiday meal, it’s tempting to run a load in the dishwasher while you continue to hand wash other dishes that didn’t fit. Be careful in doing this! The garbage disposal and the dishwasher often share the same drain, so the dirt going down your drain could come back up into the dishwasher and dirty the clean dishes. Or even worse, this could lead to a drain clog. It’s always best to use the dishwasher when the sink isn’t being used.

Need Help This Holiday Season?

No one wants a plumbing problem of any kind on New Years Day, but the reality is it might be hard to prevent one this Holiday Season!Any time you need help, or you just want to make sure that your plumbing fixtures are working properly, don’t be afraid to contact Creekside Plumbing & Construction and ask!  We’re more than happy to help give you that experienced and licensed plumber helping hand to make sure that your plumbing problems are taken care of immediately!  Plus, we treat your home like it was our own with our Red Carpet Service! Help is only a phone call away! (281) 332-7767!

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