Causes of Low Water Pressure & How to Fix it!

Troubleshoot your low water pressure with these plumbing tips and hacks

You’d love to think that you will always be able to just turn on the faucet and enjoy just the right water pressure, right?  Right!  However, many homeowners will have an issue with low water pressure. While we recommend calling a plumber there may be a few things you can check to try and fix yourself first and save a few bucks.  However, be sure you do the work and not delay in case it’s a bigger issue or turns into a bigger problem due to lack of attention. Despite its alarming low trickle, there are some easy solutions to a low water pressure issue and you can take a DIY approach in most cases!

Low water pressure checksTroubleshoot your low water pressure with these plumbing tips and hacks

Fixture clog

Most water that we have coming out of our taps is has sediment.  This sediment will eventually create a clog in the faucet/fixture, and this will reduce the water flow.  A lot of times this will be more of an issue with cold water use than hot water use.  This is fixed by removing the filter from the fixture, cleaning it, and putting it back in place — good as new!

Pipe clogs

Over time, pipe clogs can happen as well.  These are also sediment-related and can happen at varying points in your water lines.  While it may sound similar to the one above, this is not something that you should take on yourself. If you suspect you may have clogged pipes, it’s always a good idea to call in a professional Responsible Master Plumber to check it out fore you. Be leery of handyman to fix your plumbing as they aren’t licensed to do so.

Too much going on at the same time

Another all-too-common cause of low water pressure is that there is just too much water usage happening at the same time. For example, you’re in the shower while your spouse is washing dishes and your daughter is running the washing machine. In this case, experiment to see what things can be on at the same time and what things are best to run on their own.

A closed valve

Sometimes a valve will get shut off which will also impact the amount of water that can be pumped through your pipes.  If you’ve got multiple water valves in your home, check all of them to see if one of them has been closed off more than another.


No one wants to find a leak, of any kind, but the reality is to find out that you do have a leak — and fix it — rather than not find out at all and have a much larger and more expensive problem down the road. If none of the above appear to be the problem, check your pipes for leaks!

Any time you need help, or you just want to make sure that you are going about repairing your water pressure issue the right way, don’t be afraid to contact Creekside Plumbing & Construction and ask!  We’re more than happy to help give you that experienced and licensed plumber helping hand to make sure that you’ve got your water issue under control every single time!  Plus, we treat your home like it was our own with our Red Carpet Service!

Whether you want to try the basic DIY approach or you’re new to the idea, these tips can help you get your water pressure back in no time. But remember, help is only a phone call away! (281) 332-7767  We are located in the Clear Creek area but service the surrounding areas from La Marque and Texas City to Alvin and Sante Fe, through Dickinson and League City and over to Webster and Friendswood, we’ve got you covered.

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