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We take pride in our work and take extra steps to be sure our clients are treated the best with our Red Carpet Service, have what we need to work on small our big projects with our warehouse truck, have warranties to cover our work and hope that you are completely satisfied.  Please let us know if something wasn’t right and we will make sure it is and please leave us a review on Google!

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Great service , very knowledgeable, goes beyond what you ask. So professional and cares about making things right.He even wears covers on his boots ! I would recommend him anytime…our hot water is now working!  (on Google reviews)
Great service , very knowledgeable, Julie Salinas
Called about a faucet replacement. Quick response. Immediate service. Great communication. A true pro. I would highly recommend Creekside.  (from Google Reviews)
Great communication. A true pro, Christopher Sabat
We had a water leak between the main and our house. I sent a message through the website in the evening, and Charles called me first thing in the morning. He and Travis came out and found the leak immediately. We thought they would have to replace the whole line, but they just did what needed to be done, and saved us a lot of money. I was really impressed with the speed and quality of their work.  (from Google Reviews)
Impressed with the speed and quality of their work, Steph McDougal
Creekside Plumbing came out to my house today for a problem I was having with my kitchen sink. They quickly found and solved the problem, and the employee was very helpful and informative. This has been a wonderful experience. Now I have a wonderful kitchen that works as it should. Thank you Creekside Plumbing! (on Google reviews)
This has been a wonderful experience, Dell Desktop
I have used Creekside several times and the service is outstanding. The thorough and knowledgeable owner is a bonus to his profession. He diagnoses the job, explains everything, arrives on time, quickly does the job and leaves the area as clean as when he found it, if not cleaner. I can’t recommend him enough. He has installed for me: water heater, shower faucets, and sink drains. He is polite and honest. (from Google Reviews)
I can’t recommend him enough., Lorri Heffner
Enjoyed consulting with Charles concerning my plumbing issue and will seek his service for future issues. I appreciate the education Charles provides with his service. I know more about my plumbing system and how to maintain it properly. He was friendly, professional, and timely. He also offers a healthy cash discount; much appreciated as these issues are never planned for. (from Google Reviews)
He was friendly, professional, and timely., Jessica Burgess