Did You Know?

Did You Know?!

Plumbing Tips We Hope Helps You!

And if you had it flushed annually when it was new, it would have prolonged the life by up to 50%.  That’s 3-1/2 to 5 more years of life! You should check your T & P ( Temperature and pressure) relief valve every year for proper operation. It is extremely important that it operates and functions easily and is in good conditions in order for it to work as it needs to in order to prevent a catastrophic event form happening.
It falls just behind your top load clothes washer.

Compared to 3-4 gallons per flush in older toilets.  Just 3 flushes per day could save over 200 gallons per month.

Doing your part to use less water helps the environment not to mention saves you money!

That’s over 50 gallons of water a year, save yourself some money on your next water bill!

Open your water meter box and look at the meter readout. Dial or Digital – it depends on your city.

On a dial type (looks like a clock) look for movement on a small wagon wheel or triangle shaped movement within the dial. If you see rotational movement, you have a leak somewhere in the water system.

On a digital water meter, look for a flashing arrow (or in League City a plus sign inside a circle), just below the number read out. If you see either of these two symbols you have a leak in your water system.


Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions!

It depends on the area of the country you’re in. Around the Houston, TX area it ranges from $175.00 – $475.00 per hour.

Keep in mind there is a difference between a handyman and a plumber and then a plumber who has stepped it up to master plumber or responsible master plumber.

The price to install a gas water heater on average is $1750.00 – $3800.00
Navion, a tankless water heater, has the highest energy efficiency rating in the industry.
Rheem brand gas water heaters from a wholesaler.
Rheem brand gas water heaters have been around awhile and make well known, long-lasting products for the wholesale industry. Retail water heaters are not built as well as wholesale. Buy wholesale and save yourself the hassle of prematurely replacing the unit prior to its lifespan. (7-10 years)

Yes, it requires a permit to be pulled and the water heater must be inspected for proper, safe installation.

The job usually takes 2-4 hours per water heater.

7-10 years is the national average depending on levels of water hardness in the area you live.

In order to unclog the main drain, a plumber will use a large sewer machine and run it through a cleanout process.
It is called “The Clean Out”, and it is a pipe rising from the mainline to above ground that can be opened so a drain snake may be inserted to unclog the sewer. It can also be located on the side wall of your house.

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