Hot Water Not Working?

Be sure you get hot water when you shower

We all love our steamy hot showers in the morning, some more than others. Unfortunately, there are a number of things that can cause your water heater to stop producing hot water. This can make a pleasant morning routine into a nightmare if you are dreading stepping into the freezing cold shower. To help you through this awful time in your life, Creekside Plumbing is here to walk you through the possible reasons why your water heater isn’t working as it should.

Self Check on your Water Heater

What kind of Water Heater is it?Water heater installation or repair for your hot water needs in League City

An electric water heater will have different problems than a gas water heater. Although, either one can experience the issue of not enough hot water. To fix the problem you will need to know what kind of water heater you have. It is recommended to use the owner’s manual for your specific brand of the water heater to learn more about it and how it operates.

A gas water heater may be leaking gas, in which case you may notice a “rotten egg” smell coming from the area around the water heater. This is a very serious problem and you should immediately call a licensed experienced plumber to help you solve it. Be aware of what water heater is in your home to stay safe, and be better prepared to handle things of this nature. If you don’t know and would like help determining what water heater you have, contact a Responsible Master Plumber!

Not Enough Hot Water

If you have some hot water, but not enough, or hot water that is not hot enough, the problem may be a simple fix such as turning the water heater’s thermostat up some (130 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended). It is possible that the thermostat may not be functioning properly and would need to be replaced. While turning the heat up over 130 degrees will result in hotter water, it is not recommended for the longevity of the water heater. High temperatures will accelerate the deterioration of the unit.

The heating element inside the water heater may also be malfunctioning, which would result in not enough hot water, or water that is not hot enough. In this case, you will need to replace the heating element. This would be considered a water heater repair job, as the whole unit would not need to be replaced.

Preventative Maintenance for your Water Heater

Sediment buildup is another commonly known killer of water heaters. Without proper maintenance, contaminants in the water cause a buildup of sediment to occur in the unit. This can, in turn, limit the amount of hot water produced by the unit. A good way of dealing with this is to clean the water heater properly every so often, and add a water softener to the water. Hard water degrades the water heater more quickly.

In the unfortunate case where your water heater is rusted, this cannot be repaired. Call a professional plumber out to help you replace the water heater and install it correctly. Creekside Plumbing has over 35 years of experience in the plumbing industry. Call 281-332-7767 to speak with a licensed master plumber today!

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