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Toilet or commode problems can be a real pain, but the bathroom plumbing experts at Creekside Plumbing have you covered. If this is a plumbing emergency, call us right now at 281-332-7767. Some plumbing issues that involve the toilet are less urgent than others. For instance, a toilet that is constantly making sounds or running is a precursor to a larger issue and should be looked at soon.

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Did You Know that an old commode can use up to 3 gallons of water per flush? Replace your old toilet with a new one to save money in the long run! Creekside Plumbing can help you with all things plumbing related. Broken toilets don’t take long to replace, and use much less water per flush. Whether you need help with installing a commercial toilet in your small business or repairing a residential commode in your home, you can count on Creekside Plumbing.

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