Most Common Plumbing Issues — Solved

Creekside Plumbing can help with basic and major plumbing issues

Discovering that you have a plumbing problem can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be.  In fact, a lot of the most common plumbing issues can be solved relatively easily with just a few small tweaks done by you!  Here are some of the main ones that can be managed easier than you’re thinking.

Garbage disposal backups

If you’re having a problem with your garbage disposal, AND you have discovered that you’ve lost the key that unlocks it for easy access, try this.  Get around that by using an allen wrench to twist it back and forth.  This will give you access to the motor just like the key would so that you can clear it and get that disposal working smoothly again. If that doesn’t work, contact your trusty plumber to come to the rescue.

Slow draining sink

It can be frustrating to have a slow-draining sink, but you’ll find that fixing it could be pretty simple.  First, check for any obvious blockages.  If all looks good, you’ll want to take a look at clearing out the pop up, which helps prevent large clogs from going down the sink.  This can build up with calcium deposits and hair, etc pretty easily.  Once you clean that out and put it back into place, it should be good to go. Again, if you can’t clear that slow draining sink, tub or shower, give Creekside Plumbing a call.

Low water pressure in the kitchen sinkCreekside Plumbing can help with basic and major plumbing issues

Nothing like trying to wash a full sink of dishes to see that the water pressure is low. This can be a pain as well, but it’s also extremely easy to fix.  You’ll want to remove the aerator on the faucet, clear it of calcium deposits that build up over time, and then put it back on.  Good as new! But if that doesn’t fix it, you may have other issues, so give your master plumber a call.

Running toilet

Not only is a running toilet annoying, it’s also expensive as far as water charges.  To solve your running toilet problems, you will need to do any or all of these three common things: re-adjust the float so that it will rise up and stop where it is set to, replace or repair the chain, or replace a potentially broken flapper. Contact Creekside Plumbing if this doesn’t fix your problems, we are here to help.

Don’t reach for the chemicals

When it comes to dealing with a clog, the first step for most people is to grab that over the counter name brand chemical drain cleaner to clear it.  While this is a common fix, it can also be detrimental to your system, especially if your pipes have weakened over time or abuse.  When you have a clog that isn’t cleared by a plunger or obvious blockages, you could be dealing with a deeper and more serious issue.  It’s best to call in a professional licensed plumber to take a look at it. Be leery of handymen who aren’t licensed as they aren’t covered if something goes wrong.

If you have a recurring plumbing issue, or you are unable to solve the problem with these tips above, the best thing to do is call in the professional responsible master plumbers.  Creekside Plumbing would be honored to be your regular plumber. We also offer a red-carpet service that will give you respectful treatment so that you don’t need to deal with anything but the best.  When in doubt with your potential plumbing problem, getting professional eyes on it sooner rather than later will save you from a potentially costly repair bill now or later.

Home improvement can sometimes be as simple as a clogged aerator or an out-of-place float.  It’s nice to know how to fix both of those, but if you aren’t sure, call in the experts!

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