Plumbing Tips for an Emergency Free Holiday

Don't overload your garbage disposal during the holidays to save on emergencies

Tis the season for more than just a holly jolly holiday. Unfortunately, plumbing emergencies don’t go on holiday break, so it’s important that you keep plumbing health and safety a priority even though the eggnog and mistletoe are calling to you.  Since none of us wants to have to deal with a frantic call to the plumber on Christmas Eve (or the expense it brings), here are some tips to help you out.

Plumbing tips to save your holidaysDon't overload your garbage disposal during the holidays to save on emergencies

Keep the plunger handy

Sometimes a bathroom visit is heavier than expected, no matter how respectful your guest is trying to be.  Plus, there are usually extra folks in your house, so more toilet paper, more food, more waste, if you get the drift.  Make sure the plunger is there at the ready so they don’t have to ask you for one (which is often so embarrassing, they may just leave you to deal with it rather than ask you for help).  Plus, the faster that you get to work on the clog, the better it is for any potential emergencies later in the evening in case of another bathroom mishap.

Respect the job of the garbage disposal

Garbage disposals work great…when they’re used properly.  Keep in mind that over the holidays, you have more people and more food so keep in mind, the garbage disposal is now working double time.  So, don’t pour grease or chicken bones or other food scraps down there.  Make extra sure that guests or other well-meaning visitors don’t use the garbage disposal as well.  This will just lead to a clog and a potentially expensive repair bill right when you don’t have the budget for it!  When in doubt, just skip the garbage disposal entirely and make it off limits.  Trash cans can’t clog, after all!

Preemptively clean your drains

If you know you are having company over, consider cleaning your drains before they arrive and then install strainers the tops of your drains to help keep them clog-free.  This will make you breathe a little easier and you’ll be able to enjoy the cleanliness for yourself, too.

Be plentiful with the trash cans

No matter how much we hate it, people tend to be lazy when it comes to throwing away garbage. If you want to keep it from going down the garbage disposal or the toilet (especially with feminine products or baby wipes), keep the trash cans empty, accessible, and pretty much everywhere you can think of.  Your drains and emergency plumbers will thank you, and so will your wallet!

Need some help?  Call!

Some plumbing emergencies simply happen whether we want them to or not, and you can only prepare for so much.  If you need some help with any plumbing needs, whether over the holidays or any normal day, contact Creekside Plumbing and Construction to help..  We offer a quality red carpet plumbing service that is as luxurious as it sounds in everything from timeliness to respect of your space, to the quality of job done.

Holidays are a time of excitement and being around the people that you love.  Do what you can to prevent a plumbing emergency from ruining your holiday.  Whatever you can’t avoid, allow us to come in and do the job right, giving you a stress-free experience in the worst case scenario.

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