Unclogging Your Tub or Shower Drain

hair is number one reason for clogs in bathroom

Most of us like to get our hands dirty when it comes to easier types of household tasks.  One of those common ones that always tends to get the best of us, though, is a clogged tub or shower drain.  If you want to try a DIY approach to this common household problem, here are some great reliable tricks that can help solve the problem with no need to call in the big guns!  However, if it is a bigger mess, give us a call and we’ll handle it for you.

What causes a drain clog?hair is number one reason for clogs in bathroom

Many things can cause a clog in your drain.  The most common one, of course, is hair.  Hair comes out daily and a lot of it will shake loose while shampooing, conditioning and body washing.  Even if you are watchful and attempt to fish out loose hairs before they get down the drain, a clog will inevitably form.  Then, soap and product build-up on top of that hair can further that problem.  Then there’s just build-up from mineral deposits.  So, no matter what you do, a clog will more than likely form in your shower or tub drain at some point.

How to unclog your tub to shower drain

The tips below are designed to help you solve the problems of basic everyday clogs and plugs.  You’ll notice that these are all-natural options.  In other words, we do not recommend chemical products.  Chemical agents can damage your pipes and create a bigger problem than the one that you are trying to fix in the first place!

A zip tool

You’ve probably seen ads on TV for these before.  They are long stick designs that are designed to sit in the drain and then pull up when you start noticing a clog.   They’ll catch hair and other debris and then allow you to securely pull it all out of your drain and dispose of it.  Similar options are a clog hook (basically a fishhook) or a daisy chain with hooks on it.

Baking soda

There are all sorts of combinations you can use to clear a drain using baking soda.  One of the most common is baking soda and vinegar.   This creates a chemical reaction that will disintegrate the clog and flush it down.  You can also try baking soda and lemon juice or go for a dry mix of baking soda and salt.  With all of these, it’s important to let them sit for 30 minutes at least, or even overnight, and then flush it out with very hot water.  You can repeat it multiple times if necessary.

Bring out the plunger

Before or after you try one of the above options, also consider a good old-fashioned plunger.  It uses suction to free the clog from its place and it’ll either flush down the drain or you can use a hook to pull it free.

If none of those work or you need a little extra help to make sure you’ve got it all clear, consider contacting us and don’t forget about our red-carpet service.  We’ll be at your home quickly and will professionally assess and solve your clog problem so that you can get your drain back to normal again in no time at all.

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