Water Leak Detection & How to Find It

Peeling paint or water stains can be a result of a water leak. Call a plumber to fix it

No one wants to find out that they’ve got a water leak on their property or in their home.  But you know what’s worse?  Not discovering that you have a water leak and dealing with high repair costs and your home leaking water all over.  Here are some surprisingly easy ways for you to be able to detect a potential problem with your water use.

Homeowner leak detection tipsPeeling paint or water stains can be a result of a water leak. Call a plumber to fix it

Keep track of water bills

Keeping an eye on your water bills regularly isn’t just good for the pocketbook, it’s great for catching strange increases or decreases too.  If you find that your water bill is mysteriously creeping up and you know you haven’t been using excessive amounts of water, there could be something else going on that is causing a problem.  This can often be a first sign that something is amiss!

Check your grass and your cabinets

If you notice there is one patch of grass that is always greener, or that one of your cabinets always seems to be wet at its bottom, it’s a sign that you’ve got an issue with a leak.

Listen for a dripping sound and give the air a sniff

It seems old-fashioned, but keeping your hearing attuned to a dripping sound can be a huge help.  It’ll help narrow down where in your home the leak is and it might even help you to figure out how severe it is.

If you notice that one room appears to be particularly musty (even overpowering) this is another sign that you’ve got a water seeping issue.

Watch for bulging wallpaper or paint

Wallpaper that is popping out or paint that is bubbling is another sign that there is a leak behind your wall.  As the board gets wet, the glue and paint stop sticking to the walls and it’s an easy sign to watch for.

Is that spot moving?

No one wants to see a mold spot on their ceiling, but if you notice that the mold appears to be spreading and/or popping up in a few places to form a mega mold patch, it’s certainly a concern and can be easy enough to watch for!

Bring in the Master Plumber!

A water leak can cause a lot of damage in a little amount of time.  It can be hard to notice even that you have a water leak, even if you’re watching for all of these signs. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out where the leak is and how bad it is.  By calling in a Responsible Master Plumber, you’ll be able to trust the fast, convenient and reliable service that will get to the bottom of your leak and help you keep your home safe.  We’re proud to offer our red carpet plumbing service to all of our clients which gives you the respect, support and quick fix that your leak needs.

Big or small, a water leak is something that you want to deal with effectively and efficiently.  Do what you can to watch for it yourself and when you are in doubt or have the verification to deal with it, contact Creekside Plumbing & Construction to help make it happen.

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