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Gas Lines

Hire a Plumber to Run Your Gas Lines

A gas leak is a very dangerous thing, and it’s a repair that can’t be put off until a better time. Not only is it a dangerous situation, but it requires an extremely skilled master plumber to handle the job safely, and correctly. After all, your gas line powers your hot water heater, your appliances, and possibly even your fireplace. Rather than let just anyone come in to install, repair, or work on your gas lines, call the plumbing experts at Creekside Plumbing.

Dangers of Gas Line Leaks

Gas leaks can be toxic for anyone in the home at the time of the leak. Even in very small amounts, natural gas leaks can cause headaches, vomiting, and the longer you’re exposed to the gas, the worse your symptoms will become. Every year, at least 17 people die from gas leaks in their home, either from carbon monoxide poisoning or from resulting explosions.

Not only is natural gas toxic to humans and animals, but it’s also very flammable. When your gas lines have been installed correctly, it poses no risk to anyone in the home, but when there’s a leak, bigger issues can arise. During a gas leak, even the smallest spark from anything, an appliance, a fireplace, a lighter, can cause a fire in the home; if the leak is big enough, an explosion can occur, injuring your family and destroying your home.

How to Tell If There’s a Gas Leak


One of the easiest ways to tell if your gas lines are leaking, is smell. Natural gases may not have an odor of their own, but a chemical mercaptan is added to the gas so leaks can be detected easier and more safely. If there’s a sudden strong smell of rotten eggs, or garlic, it’s a sure sign that you have a gas leak. Quickly leave the home, and call either 911 or your local fire department.


This isn’t as easy to detect as smell, but you can also spot a leak in your gas lines by sound as well. Depending on where the leak has occurred, you might be able to hear a hissing sound close to where the leak is happening. Any gas run appliances also stand the chance of hissing during gas leaks. If you think there’s a gas leak in your home, evacuate immediately.


Again, this all depends on where the leak is occuring. Since the gas in your lines is under so much pressure, there’s often a disturbance surrounding the leak, like billowing curtains, or bubbling water. While this is the hardest warning sign to see, if it’s couple with one or both of the other warning signs, it’s safe to assume there’s a leak.

Creekside Plumbing Can Repair & Install Natural Gas Lines

With a certified master plumber running the business, Creekside Plumbing has the means and knowledge to be able to quickly, and most importantly, safely repair or install your natural gas line. From hot water heaters, to kitchen appliances, we’ve got what we need to help you. Call us today for a gas lines quote!

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