Need a Plumber – Know Who You Are Hiring

Be sure you know what kind of plumber you are hiring - like a Responsible Master Plumber

When you have a clog in your sink or toilet or somewhere in your plumbing, you know that you have to deal with it.  Most of us try the DIY approach with a bottle of drain cleaner or something similar.  However, hiring a plumber is often required, even for those smaller jobs. Simply because a professional plumber can do a better job and also help make sure that there isn’t something more serious going on beyond what you can see.  But, not just any plumber.  You should make sure that you are hiring the right plumber for the job, and that plumber should be a responsible master plumber with all of the proper licensing for your plumbing situation.

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If you think that all plumbers are the same, as is commonly assumed, the difference is more clear when you look at proper licensing.  There are different types of licenses, but generally speaking, a license requires not only a guarantee of knowledge but also proper certification and, of course, the protection it offers you. that right there should be the determining factor.

The four types of plumbing licenses are:

  • Tradesman Plumber-Limited,
  • Journeyman,
  • Master Plumber, and
  • Plumbing Inspector.

In order to get these certifications, you must pass the requirements for each one and do 6 hours of continued education each time you renew your license. You can have a Journeyman and a Master Plumber license at the same time however a Master Plumber is considered the lead decision maker and supervisor.

Not only are licensed plumbers the only ones allowed to legally work on your plumbing system, they’re also the only ones that are protected by proper insurance.  That means that if you hire an unlicensed plumber —knowingly or otherwise — you assume all responsibility for any damage or negative outcome that may come from it.

A handyman v a licensed plumber

Another term for an unlicensed plumber is a “handyman” and, while the price may be cheaper than a licensed plumber, you are taking on a lot of risk in hiring one for your plumbing problem.  Not only may they take your money without properly solving the problem (as well-intentioned as they may be), they are not necessarily trained within the specific area of the problem that you have, or rather they may be but aren’t licensed to do so thus you assume all responsibility should something go wrong.

Regular plumber vs master plumber

A regular plumber is someone who has the proper license and certification needed to allow them to work in the state and do good quality work.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with hiring a regular plumber (assuming their license is up to date and current).

However, a master plumber is someone who deliberately has attended post-secondary education for 2-4 years and must pass special certification testing in order to be considered a master plumber.  It can mean better treatment and diagnosis of your plumbing problem, which can be a great thing.

Why hire a responsible master plumber (RMP)

If you want to take a step even higher, a “Responsible Master Plumber” is a highly experienced professional that already holds a master plumber license and has completed extra work and education in order to be considered a RMP.  Hiring a professional such as this allows for accurate solutions for a problem, no matter how tricky or sophisticated it may seem.  There’s a lot to be said for that.

Why Creekside Plumbing & Construction?

Creekside Plumbing in League City has done the work, taken on the extra work and education in order to receive the designation as a  “Responsible Master Plumber” and keeps our licenses and insurance up to date to not only protect us but more importantly, to protect you. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with Up Front Pricing and provide all of our customers with a Red Carpet Service. Contact us at (281) 332-7767 to get an honest quote with a reputable and licensed master plumber.

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